Service Quick Quotation Form

You are welcomed to make quotation for any reasons. However, the quotation sent to you may not be as the same as the invoice or contract, please note that the quotation are made based on the following information only, and any changes or different arrangement could affect the final rate. 
歡迎任何情況或原因所需要之報價。然而,我們未能保證 本報價單之金額 與 正式洽談後的合約或完成工作後的賬單之金額 完全相同。本報價單之報價只根據您所提供之資料,任何修改或要求更改均影響最後價格,本公司將對報價及收費調整保留最終決定權,敬請留意。

Section A - Basic Info
Name 聯絡人 *
Name 聯絡人
Section B - Production
Work Nature 工作類型 *
(可多選多於一項。除了單項報價,需要綜合報價者,請選「*Pakage Quotation 綜合報價」,我們將整合所有您選取項目,以最詳細及靈活報價組合回覆。非攝影服務或選項未能正確描述,請參閱「#」選項,或選「Not applicable不適用」,於補充資料欄進行資料補充。)
Instruction 說明 : In Photography & Retouch Service, one product with three different angles, you will need three photos and please inserts "3" in the box below. 平面拍攝及相片後期服務,如一個產品需要三個角度,即三張不同照片,請輸入「3」。For Video Service, if it's expected to have two different versions, please enter "2". 錄像影片服務,如同一此拍攝需要兩個版本長度,請輸入「2」。Other service or not applicable, please enter "0". 攝影服務以外或未有相關資料,請填寫「0」。
Use of Media 媒體使用方式 *
(可多選於一項。如你爲私人客戶,請選擇「# 私人客戶」以跳過該項;如選項未能正確描述,請選「Not applicable不適用」。)
(個人客戶請選「私人」以跳過本項。如未有相關資料,請選「NOT APPLICABLE 不適用」。)
(個人客戶請選「In Perpetuity 永久」以跳過本項。如未有相關資料,請選「NOT APPLICABLE 不適用」。)
Shooting Venue 場地 *
可多選,如包含室內外,可選「More than One Location 多於一個場地」;如果未有資料或待定,請選「To be confirm. 未有資料,待定」,如果攝影服務以外,請選「NOT APPLICABLE 不適用」。
Section C - Extra Service
「Separate Quotation 分開報價」適用於客戶未能決定是否需要相片後期服務時,相片後期服務將由另一獨立報價單回覆,合拼報價所提供之優惠或未能反映於分開報價中。選擇「Yes 需要」則默認爲合拼於其他服務報價之中。
Section D - Remarks
默認爲HKD。請以簡單數目或文字說明期望預算,或者直接輸入預算上下限,例如「HKD 30,000-40,000」「HKD 30,000 」「未有預算,請先按資料報價」。
Planned Shooting Date 期望拍攝日 *
Planned Shooting Date 期望拍攝日
Targeted Deadline 期望完工限期 *
Targeted Deadline 期望完工限期
「完工限期」指完成合約定明的後期工作及修改(例如 相片後期)完成後,而非指拍攝完畢。請選一日以供報價參考,並以較早日子爲佳。
如果你需要儘快得到報價,請選「優先處理」;也可以於填妥本報價表後於辦公時間內,致電/留言Whatsapp/留言Wechat 本公司。

We are providing full service on image creations. 



We offer high quality retouch service with our special vision and accomplished technique, especially on human beings and creative imaginations.



Let our passions work for you and, if what you need is a gorgeous fashionable look that fit in an abnormal setup, we'll happily providing advice on styling and set design.


A well prepared shooting plan enables us to maintain high quality outputs. Not only clicking the camera and shooting, we enjoy working on pre-production and idea visualization, for a better result and clients would be able to understand the production. 


We provide a 1,500 sq ft shooting area with cozy sofas and pantry, basic lightings cost only HKD400 add on for use.